Letter From the President (Spring 2019) - Montreat College
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Letter From the President

Who am I? Why am I here? Does God have a plan for my life?

These are questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives, but particularly during the college years. There are few times in our lives when we face so many diverging paths for the future—and have the time and resources to consider them. Coming alongside our students as they discern their calling and career is a missional priority for Montreat College. And in this issue of the magazine we consider the best ways to support students in their discernment process. We explore the importance of calling and career preparation in Christian higher education with author, educator, and administrator Drew Moser. We talk with Montreat College Associate Dean for Learning, Calling, and Career Marie Wisner about the exciting work being done at Montreat’s Thrive Center. And we catch up with alumni Caroline Clark ’13 and Tim Bugg ’07 about their career journeys and the ways in which Montreat College helped set them on their current paths. We also reprint, with permission, an article from The Gospel Coalition documenting “The Montreat Miracle” that we have witnessed in recent years. We are still in the midst of that miracle, and we continue to be thankful for the many ways in which God is making his presence known at Montreat College. And we ask for your prayers and support as we continue to educate students through intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and preparation for calling and career, all to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

With gratitude, Paul J. Maurer, Ph.D. ■

Portrait of Montreat College President Paul J. Maurer


Students posing in Montreat College's Graham Chapel

Calling and Career

An Interview with Drew Moser

Marie Wisner


An Interview with Marie Wisner

Tim Bugg sitting at a table

Never a Doubt

A Conversation with Tim Bugg '07