Letter From the President (Spring 2018) - Montreat College
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Letter From the President

A new generation of students has arrived on Montreat College’s campus: the iGeneration.

Higher standards for admission and a renewed focus on intellectual inquiry have ensured that our current students are some of the strongest ever to attend Montreat. And yet they face unprecedented challenges foreign to previous generations of college students.

In this issue, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing the current generation of college students. We look at the latest research on the impact of digital technology on life and learning. We talk with author and pastor Skye Jethani about the spiritual climate our students are immersed in. We look at ways to maximize the potential of the current generation in the workplace. And we profile two Montreat College alumni who work with the iGeneration on a daily basis. Taken together, we hope this issue offers some unique insight and inspiration for the teachers, pastors, parents, and grandparents seeking to lead and mentor a new generation of teenagers and college students.

We also pay tribute to the Rev. Billy Graham, whose witness to the Gospel had a profound impact on my own life and the life of Montreat College. In addition to a worldwide ministry to hundreds of millions, no individual had a greater influence on this college and our local community. His example of humble, Christ-centered leadership cast a benevolent shadow over the Montreat Cove, and we celebrate and give thanks for a life well lived.

We ask for your continued prayers and support as we seek to follow Rev. Graham’s powerful example, teaching and ministering to our students in wisdom and humility. ■

Portrait of Montreat College President Paul J. Maurer


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The iGeneration

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing a Generation of Digital Natives

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Church, Ministry, and the iGeneration

An interview with Skye Jethani

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Generation Z in the Workplace

How to Maximize the Unique Potential of the Current Generation