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January 2017

Adjunct Professor of Natural Sciences Dr. Sam DeMent, along with Kendra Sultzer and Stanley Rikard, published the study “A Study of American Kestrel Nest Box Occupancy and Natal Dispersal in the Midlands/Sandhills Region of South Carolina” in The Oriole journal (Vol. 81).

Don King portrait

March 23, 2017

Professor of English Dr. Don King was the keynote speaker at the symposium “Love Letters to Jack, Love Letters to God” at Brenau University. He also published the article “Warren Lewis, Mrs. Janie King Moore, and The Kilns” in The Journal of Inklings Studies (April 2017). Dr. King also presented as part of the plenary session “Callings in Context: Fields of Study as Resources for Vocational Reflection” at the NetVUE book retreat in February 2018.

Adam Caress portrait

April 1, 2017

Adjunct Professor of Music Business Adam Caress presented a workshop on his book The Day Alternative Music Died: Dylan, Zeppelin, Punk, Glam, Alt, Majors, Indies, and the Struggle between Art and Money for the Soul of Rock (New Troy, 2015) at Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music symposium in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Paul Gratton speaking to a class

April 19, 2017

Assistant Professor of Business Dr. Paul Gratton presented at the Oregon Rural Health Conference in Prineville, Ore., on the topic, “Finding Success in Emergency Department Diversion through Term-based Care and the Patient-centered Medical Home.” He also published a chapter titled “The Development of Management Thought” in the book Management: Research, Theory, and Practice (Cognella, 2017).

May 18, 2017

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Ministry Dr. Stephen Woodworth published an article titled “Every Tribe and Every Tongue: The Westminster Confession of Faith and Biblical Translation” in the inaugural issue of the Westminster Society Journal. He also presented a paper titled “Shepherds in Chains: The Use of Metaphors in Training Global Leaders towards Pastoral Identity” at the Evangelical Missiological Society’s Southeast Regional Meeting. And he published six articles as a staff writer for Think Christian.

Kelli Burgin sitting in front of computer screens

September 25, 2017

Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Kelli Burgin presented at the InfraGard National Conference in Dallas, Texas, on the topic “Healthcare Critical Infrastructure Defense: Turning Risk into Resiliency.” She also presented at the CCCU International Forum in Dallas on January 30, 2018, on the topic “A Primer on Cybersecurity for Christian Colleges and Universities” along with Montreat College President Dr. Paul Maurer, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Greg Kerr, and Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity James Tippey.

November 2, 2017

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Michael Mashburn presented at the North Carolina Classroom Teachers of Mathematics State Conference in Greensboro, N.C., on the topic “I Didn’t Know My Calculator Could Do That!”

Isaac Owolabi portrait

January 3, 2018

Professor of Business Dr. Isaac Owolabi presented on the topic “Teaching Adult Learners” at Elizabeth City State University’s annual Faculty & Staff Conference.


January 4, 2018

Professor of Environmental and Outdoor Education Dr. Dottie Shuman was chosen by the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) to serve with a group of six faculty members from three different universities to develop training materials for NAAEE Accreditation for Distinguished College and University Environmental Education Programs.

Faculty from Southern Oregon University, Western Kentucky University, and University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point worked with Dr. Shuman throughout the fall of 2017 planning a full day workshop that took place on January 4, 2018, on the Western Kentucky University Campus.


January 11, 2018

Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Services Dr. Brad Faircloth and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Education Dr. Andrew Bobilya presented two papers at the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Biennial Conference in Bradford Woods, Ind:. “Closing the Loop: A Multi-Year Study of How to Measure Change” and “Effects of Participation in a Semester Boarding School on Student’s Biophilic Expressions.” And Dr. Faircloth and Adjunct Professor of Outdoor Education Dr. Brad Daniel presented a third titled “The Impact of an Organized Night Walk on Brain Wave Activity and State-Trait Anxiety.” Dr. Faircloth and Dr. Bobilya also published two papers together: “Exploring course outcomes utilizing a new Outward Bound outcomes instrument” in Research in Outdoor Education and “A Qualitative Analysis of Participant Learning and Growth Using a New Outward Bound Outcomes Instrument” in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership.

Megan Clunan portrait
Dr. Norèal Armstrong sitting at a desk

February 1, 2018

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Services Dr. Megan Clunan and Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Dr. Noreal Armstrong presented at the North Carolina Counseling Association Conference on the topic “The Mind-Body Connection: Food Therapy and Mental Illness.” ■


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