Parking Directions for Charlotte Campus

Montreat students, faculty, and guests are invited to use the First Citizens Bank Plaza parking deck located at 209 S. Church Street, behind the Johnston Building, home of the Charlotte Uptown Campus.

When arriving, use either of two entrances:

  • 4th Street: If you are traveling west on 4th Street between S. Tryon & S. Church Streets, the entrance will be on your left.
  • S. Church Street If you are travelling south on S. Church Street between 4th Street and 3rd Street, the entrance will be on your left.


  1. As you enter the parking deck, push the green button time-stamped ticket. You may park anywhere appropriate to your size vehicle except a Reserved space. Take any of three elevators from the parking level to the first floor of the garage.
  2. Exit the garage elevator, turn left, and follow the walkway to the Johnston Building’s rear entrance. Take one of the two elevators on your left to the 17th floor where the Montreat administrative offices are located. At this location, you can dial the extension of the party you are seeing. (NOTE: Classrooms are located on the 11th floor).
  3. A Montreat staff member will provide you with either coupons or a Chaser ticket (voucher) to use when exiting the garage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 704.357.3390.