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A Thriving Future for Christian Education:
What Will it Take?

A conference hosted by Montreat College, endorsed by Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

June 6-8, 2024

Join us on the beautiful campus of Montreat College as we cast a fresh vision for the future of Christian education! Whether you’re a parent, church leader, educator, or simply someone who’s passionate about equipping the next generation of Christian leaders, this 2-day professional conference will provide you with a list of the critical elements required for the future of faith-based education.

In a rapidly changing culture, you’ll be inspired and equipped with actionable tools to help Christian education—from early childhood through college—thrive.


What Has Been Abandoned or Lost in Higher Ed in the Past 50+ Years 
The Best Hope for Higher Education Is Christian Education 
The Data Is In: The Excellence of Christian Education vs. Secular Peers 
A Legal State of the Union and SCOTUS Prospects 
The Centrality of Critical Thinking as Taught Through the Liberal Arts 
Workforce Development: Combining Ethics & Character With STEM Programs 
A Campus Culture for Student Thriving 
A Vision for the Future of American Higher Education