By Anastasia Howland

Montreat College’s theater program will put on William Shakespeare’s As You Like It this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 11-13, at 7 p.m. in the Louan Gideon Theatre (first floor of Belk Student Center). It will be directed by Professor of Theater Callan White-Hinman.

In December of 2016, Professor White-Hinman directed An O’Henry Christmas, written by O. Henry and Peter Ekstrom. She decided to bring it to the Men’s Correctional Center in Marion, N.C. where the show was received with much enthusiasm. White-Hinman hopes to be able to do the same this fall with As You Like It, and is eager for Montreat’s theater program to make a community impact.

“I love Shakespeare,” says White-Hinman, who chose the Bard’s light-hearted comedy for this fall’s production because of its deeper undertones of the Renaissance notion of humanism, as well as its notes of the Christian message. “If I could spend my life doing Shakespeare I would love it,” says White-Hinman, who has directed As You Like It twice before.

Set in the French Court and the peaceful forest of Arden, this pastoral comedy follows its many characters romantic endeavors, as well as their familial reconciliation and comedic escapades. White-Hinman believes in the timeless value of Shakespeare’s plays, but also their beauty and accessibility language-wise. For this reason, though she will be modernizing the location and costumes, the play’s language will remain the same.

White-Hinman is excited about the group’s diverse dynamic of both theater majors and non-theater majors. It also will include athletes and non-athletes alike. For some, it will even be their first production. Most cast members will be doubling up on characters, adding to the comedic feel of the play by switching hats and other props to take on their different roles. Some will even be enacting a choreographed wrestling match!

The play runs for approximately 90 minutes, with a brief intermission. Tickets will be sold at the door and are free for members of the Montreat College community. Admission for each non-Montreat student will be $5, and for each adult will be $10. Any donations will also be accepted. The play will also be performed at the Men’s Correctional Center in Marion, the Children’s Home in Swannanoa, and open to the public for an extended weekend if met with enough enthusiasm. Come on out to enjoy a great evening of art and entertainment!