10 Things to Remember at the End of the Semester - Montreat College

By Anastasia Howland

  1. Remember to use up your Cav Cash. At the end of the semester…it disappears! Make sure to get those lattes and cookies while you still can!
  2. Remember to fill out your FAFSA. I know you’ll probably roll your eyes at this one, but it’s important! If you’re a returning student (not graduating), this will help you get your financial aid, so don’t ignore it.
  3. Remember to exercise. Okay, you’ll probably roll your eyes at this one, too. But it’s good for both relieving stress and releasing endorphins, which will get you energized, feeling good, and keep you from falling asleep while studying!
  4. Remember to check your class syllabi for any papers lurking towards the end of the semester. Sometimes professors won’t remind you about due dates. We’re adults now, so that responsibility falls on us. It’s never fun realizing there’s a paper due without having one to turn in, so do yourself a favor and make sure there’s none of these end-of-semester papers or projects you’ve forgotten about.
  5. Remember to stay organized. It’s easy to let everything go at the end of the semester—after all, you’re practically home already, right? Well, yes. But that doesn’t mean you can throw in the towel before you actually get there. Keep going to class. Keep taking notes. And keep using your planner. You’re almost there!
  6. Remember to do whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do before the semester ends. Whether this is conquering that one hike you’ve been meaning to complete all semester, eating at that one restaurant you don’t have back at home before summer comes, or spending time with that one friend who you’ll miss when school’s out, don’t put it off!
  7. Remember to eat…and sleep. When the due dates start piling up, it’s easy to forget to pencil these things into your schedule, but you need to. In fact, don’t just pencil them in. Write them into your schedule in LARGE, dark, italic letters. You need these to be able to meet your due dates and succeed in them!
  8. Remember your track record for getting through such crazy, busy, hard times. It’s a 100% success rate, because you’re still here today. When the end of the semester starts getting crazy and you doubt you’ll be able to make it through, look back on all of the other things you didn’t think you’d ever make it through. Congratulations! You made it through those, and you’ll make it through this too.
  9. Remember to have some fun. Studying for finals is important, but don’t study yourself to death. Make time to attend a college event, or two—the Downhill Derby, the Film Festival, the Pops Concert, or any of the others! Read a good book, if that’s your thing. Get out and enjoy the spring weather, or even just go for a walk with a friend!
  10. Remember that it’s almost summertime. Freedom!