Montreat College Student Awarded Colonel Lee B. Ledford Scholarship - Montreat College

The Appalachian College Association (ACA) announced last week that Montreat College student Daniel Mordecai Howard has won the association’s Colonel Lee B. Ledford Scholarship.

The Ledford scholarship is a research stipend which will enable Howard to complete his proposed research on Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry. Howard will closely examine the text of Poe’s poems and compare his poetry to contemporaries such as Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. Howard will also be examining Poe’s journals and correspondence in order to assess Poe’s intentions. His faculty mentor on the project will be Dr. Rich Gray, co-chair of the Montreat College English Department.

The Colonel Lee B. Ledford scholarship is awarded by the Appalachian College Association to qualifying students at ACA member institutions. The scholarship offers financial assistance for student research projects. Students in a variety of disciplines have been supported, including English, sociology, history, biology, computer science, and religious studies.