Charles Lance, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students for Montreat CollegeCharles Lance, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students for Montreat College, will be the featured speaker at Montreat’s Baccalureate ceremony at 7:30pm on Friday, May 9 in Gaither Chapel.
Charles Lance serves as vice president for Student Services and dean of students, and is responsible for Residence Life, Health and Counseling Services, Campus Police, Student Activities, Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Auxiliary Services, and ARAMARK Food Services and Facilities.  During his time with the college, Dean Lance has also supervised Athletics, Admissions, the Chaplain’s Office, Financial Aid, Records and Registration, and the Communications Office. Dean Lance will complete 29 years of employment with Montreat College at the end of July 2014.
When a student at Montreat College, Dean Lance served as the SGA President and a resident assistant. He was elected by the faculty to Who’s Who In American Junior Colleges, received the Faculty Service Award, and participated in varsity basketball, tennis, and track. Dean Lance is also a graduate of Florida State University and East Carolina University. He has worked at five other colleges and universities and served as a high school counselor, college counselor, correctional program supervisor, residence hall director, and director of Student Activities.
Dean Lance’s wife of 43 years, Chris, is also a Montreat College graduate. They have three children and four grandchildren.  Twelve members of Dean Lance’s immediate and extended family have attended Montreat College.