Montreat College hosted its annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Friday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Topics for discussion included English Literature, Creative Writing, Religion, and Art. The list of presentations were as follows:

Barb Abel: English-Creative Writing, “Exam Room 1”

Colin Anderson: English-Literature, “Tears and Emotions”

Meghan Lebedz: English-Creative Writing, “The American Adam”

Carlie Merson: Bible & Religion/Art, “Concern for the Ordinary”

Mitchell Lenox: English-Literature, “Edgar Allan Poe: Literary Elements in ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ and other works”

Mackenzie May: English-Literature, “Nothing Gold Can Stay: The Color Yellow in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment'”

Kevin Fife: Bible & Religion, “Study of ‘The Dream of the Rood’”

Mary Willis Bertram: English-Creative Writing, “Nag or Napoleon: Dichotomy of Dreams in Feodor Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment'”

Molly Kate Garner: English-Creative Writing/Art, “This Great Stage of Fools”