Mr. Richard B. Moffatt III, a 2002 graduate of Montreat College, has served as a member of the alumni board since 2005. He is the operations manager for Unlock Your Biz, a company which provides organizational coaching for businesses. Richard, or “Beau,” and his wife Daisy, are members of Calvary Chapel of Chattanooga.

Mr. William S. Orser serves as a director of the foundation board of Montreat College, and has served in a variety of capacities around Montreat College since 2006. He also serves on the board of Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina in addition to serving on the North Carolina Family Policy Council. Mr. Orser, or “Skip,” and his wife Linda are members of Edenton Street United Methodist Church.

Mrs. Cynthia Anderson has a longstanding history of service with Montreat College dating back to 1987. Her current role is as a director of the foundation board at Montreat College. Cynthia is the wife of Dr. Stephen G. Anderson, M.D. 

Having served as a director on the foundation board at Montreat College for various terms since 1985, Mrs. Rose Ann Gant will continue her legacy of service to the Montreat community as a member of the board of trustees. Mrs. Gant, a cottager in the Montreat community, is also a resident of Burlington, NC. She is the wife of the late Roger Gant and has two daughters, Anne Gant and Alice Coder. 

1980 Montreat College graduate Marcus F. Snoddy, Jr. has also served as a member of the board of visitors since 2008. Mr. Snoddy is the president of Peachtree Executive Search, an organization that recruits business executives on behalf of client organizations. He is a consultant with 23 years of experience and 18 years of experience in the executive search business. Mr. Snoddy and his wife, Lisa, are members of Roswell Presbyterian Church in Roswell, GA.