Dr. Jeff Teo, professor of Computer Information Systems at Montreat College, was recently selected to become part of the Cyber Leader Development Framework (CLDF). The CLDF is a project of the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI), a global organization whose 17,000-plus members include Cyber Security leaders from the U.S. military, various government agencies, industry and academia.

Of the 73 CSFI members selected to participate in the CLDF, Dr. Teo was further honored by being invited to chair the Ethics Committee.

The purpose of this project is to develop a framework of Cyber Leader competencies that reflect the knowledge and skills required for today’s and tomorrow’s cyber leaders.

Dr. Teo will use his professional knowledge and skills to shape this important initiative. Regarding his work on the Ethics Committee, Dr. Teo commented, “Our increasingly connected world is pushing the boundaries of ethical behaviors as evidenced by recent headlines describing widespread surveillance and cell phone wire-tapping. Cyber leaders must possess not only technical proficiencies, but must also incorporate balance between business requirements and the need to function within ethical boundaries, thereby using technology for good and not for evil.”

Dr. Teo’s expertise in the area of cyber security led to the development of the Information Security concentration as a part of our graduate and undergraduate programs.