On April 30, 2013, Outdoor Education students and Montreat Mayor Letta Jean Taylor held a ribbon cutting for the new Greybeard Trail Walking Bridge.

On February 14, the Town of Montreat Board of Commissioners approved a $10,000 project proposed by Montreat College students to replace the deteriorating bridge. Students taking “Leadership and Group Dynamics,” an outdoor education course taught by Professor Ken Kalisch, were given a few options for a community development project that required group problem-solving. One group of students decided to undertake the rebuilding of a Greybeard Trail walking bridge that had deteriorated.  After receiving funding, Montreat students removed the old bridge and helped put a new one in place. The Greybeard Trail walking bridge, located half-way to the road’s end, has been a community favorite due to linking residences on Kentucky Road with those on Greybeard Trail.