Montreat students Cody Walker and Cameron Boles traveled to the coast of North Carolina over Fall Break to help rebuild a home that was recently demolished by the recent tropical storms.   

The house to be rebuilt was for a single mother with a young daughter.  When Cody and Cameron arrived, the house consisted of seventeen posts that would be the stilts the house would stand on.  The leader of the project came with another service group of five individuals from a Quaker church near Greensboro.  The goal of the project was to build the complete foundation of the house, including the support beams, cross beams, and actual floor of the house in three days, but with seventeen volunteers.  However, with only seven volunteers working on the house, it was a greater challenge than initially expected.

Early mornings about 6 a.m. may not be ideal for a fall break from college, but this really helped the group to get a great start to each day.  “Even though I haven’t had a ton of sleep this week, it was awesome to wake up to devotionals every morning, before going out to work for His glory in helping those in need,” Cameron said. 

By midday on Friday, the group had met the goal that was originally set out for a group three times its size in only two and a half days instead of three.  Cameron added, “Beginning this trip, when you consider that God gave us a third of the volunteers we thought we needed, I was hesitant to think we would be very productive.” He continued, “But Cody kept saying God gave us what we have for a reason, so we’ll get done what He wants us to get done.” Cameron reflected on the biblical story of Gideon and his few men defeating a vast army, seeing how God used a few volunteers to accomplish a tremendous project.  In the end, the goal was met, providing a much-needed home for two local residents.