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Student Life

Olivia Van Deusen, ’14

OliviaVanDeusenMontreat College is the best decision I ever made. Prior to Montreat, my spiritual life was fairly nonexistent, so coming here was very intimidating. I started my college career as a student athlete at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I had been looking to continue my education at a big state school, but after my orientation there, I left upset and regretful for the people there treated me like just another student. That’s when I decided to pray and my prayers were answered when I received a call from the volleyball coach at Montreat. Before committing to Montreat, I made my parents promise I could come home if I hated it, but of course I fell in love the moment I set foot on campus. People genuinely care about your wellbeing at Montreat. They care if you are having a bad day or if you are feeling under the weather. There is a lot of positive energy going on here and it is because the Lord is so present on our campus. While Christianity is present on our campus, it is by no means pressed on people. However, coming here has made the Lord more present in my life than ever and the students and faculty have a lot to do with that. They listen to you when you need it and respond when you request it. Surrounding myself with these people was the best thing that could have happened. Life is good at Montreat College–I wish I had come here as a freshman. One of my favorite things is that everyone ends their conversations with “well, have a good day!”