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Winston Rheinbolt, ’14

I was lucky enough to be recruited by Coach Jose Larios, the man I credit for properly introducing me to Montreat College. I had been […]


Olivia Van Deusen, ’14

Montreat College is the best decision I ever made. Prior to Montreat, my spiritual life was fairly nonexistent, so coming here was very intimidating. I […]


Desiree Duff, ’14

Montreat is a place like no other. Not only am I constantly blown away by the beauty of the campus, I am also amazed by the quality of the education, the amount of fun student activities, the excellence of the sports teams and the incredible love and respect that the professors, staff and students have for one another.


Aaron Nance, ’15

I didn’t know what to expect from Montreat, especially being from a bigger city. The Montreat community welcomed me with open arms. I began to meet students and faculty members, and quickly became involved with leadership groups around campus which has been beneficial to my growth as an individual as well as a Christian.


Ashley Plover, ’14

Faculty support along with an established pre-professional curriculum has allowed me to apply to veterinary school with a subsequent offer of admission. Montreat has provided me with the appropriate tools for continuing into a professional program as well as deepening my relationship with Christ.

Alyssa Klaus

Alyssa Klaus, ’14

I would say that in a very really sense, God chose Montreat for me. By the end of my first campus visit, I knew that this was where I wanted to go.


Erynn Chambers, ’14

The level of care and genuine investment from the faculty and staff is what drew me to Montreat and what keeps me here.


Jordan Lukacena, ’14

I came to Montreat College on an athletics scholarship, only to find that this is where God had intended me to be all along. This place has changed my life and pointed me in the right direction.

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