Montreat College Launches Mobile App

November 9, 2011

Montreat College is proud to announce its first mobile app: Montreat College Mobile. Working in a partnership with Top Floor Studios, an Asheville-based tech company, the college has developed a mobile app that offers a new way to explore Montreat College’s campuses. The app gives the user a glimpse into campus life through providing a profile for each Montreat College facility. Each location has a photo gallery as well, illustrating the architecture and activity of every spot on campus.

Mobile device users can download the app for free at the Mac App Store  or Android Market. Users can click on each checkpoint on the map and flip through the photo gallery to get a sense of the college.  The hope is that this app will give users a small taste of the beautiful campus, inspiring them to see it in person for themselves. Montreat College Mobile offers other features as well, such as a directory and a general photo gallery.

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