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Friends of the Library

The Friends of the L. Nelson Bell Library was organized in 1987.  The group serves as an advocate for the library in the Montreat community by promoting the purpose and programs of the L. Nelson Bell Library and sharing an enthusiasm for books, reading, and lifelong learning.

The Friends of the L. Nelson Bell Library 

Friends of the L. Nelson Bell Library Board of Directors

President: Jane Sewell
Vice President: Sue Diehl
Secretary: Judy Shillinglaw
Treasurer: Bob Shaw
Past President: Elizabeth Shaw

Community Book Club 2013-2014

The Community Book Club will meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the Bell Library from 3 to 4:30 p.m. and is open to all interested adults. The schedule for 2013-2014:

September 24, 2013 Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe
October 22, 2013 Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
November 19, 2013 We Die Alone by David Howarth
January 28, 2014 World Made Straight by Ron Rash
February 25, 2014 The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
March 25, 2014 An Autobiography by Agatha Christie
April 22, 2014 TBA A book by the June luncheon author


  • Award the Virginia W. Buchanan Scholarship, the Sue O. Gilkerson Scholarship, and the Margaret Virginia Darden Scholarship to qualified students who will work in the library.
  • Host the annual membership luncheon.
  • Hold annual July Fourth Book Sale.
  • Publish Friends Newsletter.
  • Host author receptions and book signings.
  • Provide a variety of general interest magazines.
  • Preserve the Crosby Adams Music Collection.
  • Support library projects: Montreat College archives and special collections.
  • Provide funds for children’s books.
  • Host events to celebrate National Library Week.
  • Encourage memorial and honorary gift donations


The Friends of the L. Nelson Bell Library welcomes anyone interested in supporting the programs and services of the library. The annual membership fee of $15.00 USD includes library borrowing privileges, the newsletter, and invitations to the luncheon and special events. For membership information, contact the library at (828) 669-8012, ext 3502. 

Student Scholarships
The following scholarships are awarded annually to Montreat College students who work in the library.

Virginia W. Buchanan Scholarship recipients
Tracy Hollins, 1990-1991
Greta Walker, 1991-1993
Betty Paulino, 1993-1995
Zhanna Goroshko, 1996-1999
Victoriya Kulik, 2001-2002
Toney Johnson, Fall 2002
Cass Morgan, 2003-2004
Anna McKinnon, 2004-2005
Janelle Moore, 2005-2006
Kimberly White, 2006-2008
Jacob Clement, Spring 2009
Katie Beauchamp, Fall 2009
Kristin White, Fall 2010
Audrey Coffman, 2011-2013 (Spring)
Katelynn Powell, Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Will Sanders, Fall 2014-2015

Sue O. Gilkerson Scholarship recipients
Frederick Sibley, 1991-1992
Kenneth Graham, 1992-1994
Jonathan Bennett, 1995-1996
Wesley B. Caldwell, 1996-1998
Laura K. Dunn, 1998-2000
Amanda L. Mowery, 2001-2002
Justin Leonard, 2002-2003
Jessica Braendel, 2003-2004
Kaysha Siemens, 2004-2005
Crystal Rendell, Fall 2005
Jennifer Dunning, 2006-2009
Claire Dubois, Fall 2009
Kayla Basto, Spring 2010
Tifaney Jones, 2010-Spring 2012
Rebecca Shaw, Fall 2012-Fall 2013
Stephen Daniel, Spring 2014-Fall 2014

Margaret Virginia Darden Scholarship recipients
Aaron Shipp, 1994-1995
Dale Humphreys, 1995-1996
Chet Landaker, 1996-1998
Karen Easter, 1998-1999
Ava K. Dixon, 1999-2000
Justin Barbour, 2000-2001
Caroline J. Simmons, 2001-2002
Cass Morgan, Fall 2002
Danielle Brandt, Spring 2003
James Berkeley, 2003-2006
Katherine J. Totten, 2006-2007
Crystal Rendell, 2007-2008
Rikki Roccanti, 2008-2011
Laurel Rich, Fall 2011
Caitlin Neal, Spring 2012
Brittany Hall, Fall 2012-Fall 2013
Karminia Bazaldua, Spring 2014