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Ruth White, ’62

Celebrated children’s book author Ruth White graduated from Montreat College in 1962 when it was a junior college. An author of ten children’s books, Ruth has received numerous awards for her children’s literature, including the Newbery Honor Book designation in 1977 for Belle Prater’s Boy, the American Library Association (ALA) Notable Book designation for Sweet Creek Holler, the ALA Best Book for Young Adults designation in 2000 for Memories of Summer, the Editor’s Choice award in 2008 for Little Audrey, and the New York Public Library’s Recommended 100 in 2007 for Way Down Deep.  Born and raised in the coal-mining town of Whitewood, Virginia, many of her books deal with the lives of poor and working-class children living in the coal mining towns of Appalachia in the 1950s.

“Upon graduation from high school, I had a rare opportunity to go to college. There was a beautiful little college down in North Carolina called Montreat, which I still dream about and think of sometimes with a feeling much like homesickness. Going there was a turning point of my life. It lifted me out of the only life I had ever known and introduced me to a wider world.”