A Christ-centered institution.



Everyone is a worshipper. The church will always need men and women who are prepared to direct congregations and groups towards Christ in worship. 

Turning eyes to Christ

The Worship Arts program equips students to be the worship leaders and fine arts facilitators of the next generation. The program provides students with a sound theological foundation for leading groups through music, theatre and other artistic expression with an ultimate goal of pointing them towards Christ.

Alumni in the field

Dustin Musselman ’11 – Worship Leader at Exodus Church
Jonathan Tucker ’09 – Worship Leader at Isight Church


  • worship leader
  • children’s choir director
  • teacher or professor
  • music director
  • booking agent
  • promoter
  • conductor
  • music therapist
  • music librarian
  • music licensing and copyright professional
  • music critic
  • music/arts fundraising director
  • music software programmer
  • accompanist
  • symphony and concert manager