The psychology and human services program focuses on encouraging and uplifting society – one person at a time. Whether your passion is exploring the complexities of the human mind or helping people, this program is for you.  

Helping communities thrive

Students in the Psychology and Human Services program can choose to focus on the psychology track or the human services track depending on their interests. Some students have an interest in studying the human mind, while others want to be equipped to help individuals and families. Whether your interest is one, the other, or somewhere in between, the psychology and human services program will prepare you to impact your community in a profound way.

Be equipped

  • students in the psychology track are prepared with psychological theories and research about human behavior and psychological processes; students will be trained in how to describe, explain, and predict these psychological behaviors and processes
  • students in the human services track will follow a line of study that considers areas of psychology, counseling, and social work
  • emphasis is placed on developing and implementing skills for helping individuals and families face the challenges of present society
  • intensive off-campus internship preparation
  • explore the integration of faith and learning in the field of psychology and human services
  • learn and be mentored by an expert faculty
  • develop a greater self-awareness
  • assistance in developing personal characteristics needed for the psychology and human services line of work
  • interactive, personalized learning environment for the study of psychology and human services


  • psychologist
  • case management worker
  • rehabilitation counselor
  • psychiatrist
  • social worker
  • adoption services counselor
  • speech pathologist
  • victim assistance advisor
  • school counselor
  • probation officer
  • music therapist
  • nursing home administrator
  • mental health worker
  • marriage counselor
  • market research analyst
  • human resources administrator
  • child welfare worker
  • customer service director
  • advertising manager

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