Outdoor Ministry

Maybe you’ve been there. At that place where you feel your limits and want to close down, and yet suddenly, you are opened by Christ. Where you see a clear path for the first time—and want to share that transformative possibility with others.


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Outdoor Ministry major

Our Outdoor Ministry program can help you become a competent outdoor educator and leader. We focus on developing a strong, ministry mind-set—preparing you to utilize the outdoor environment for evangelism and discipleship.

Through class discussions and field experience, we’ll help you design, implement, and administer outdoor education programs that are safe, challenging, and enjoyable. Our professors are passionate about engaging you—and they’ll challenge you to be reflective, well-rounded educator. They prioritize the integration of faith and learning. It’s the core of every experience, whether in the classroom or in the field.

Our program of study combines Outdoor Education and Outdoor Ministry with Christian education courses. While all are welcome to pursue this major, it’s a perfect fit if you’ve experienced life-shaping changes at summer camps, Young Life camps, church retreats, or other programs—and if you want to provide similar experiences for others.

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Outdoor Education

Become a Christ-centered outdoor educator—equipped with a strong foundation, technical skills, and leadership expertise.

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Wilderness Leadership Certification

Immerse yourself in leadership, group dynamics, programming, outdoor skills, and field natural history—and get credit for it.

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Outdoor Ministry faculty

These professors are active—and that’s an understatement. It’s also catching. Spend some time with them and experience it for yourself.

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