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The music industry is here to stay. Whether you’re a professional musician or interested in making musical productions possible, we’re ready to train you for a career in this distinct field. 

Be a music professional.

Behind every musician is a whole crew of professionals with broad skills and abilities. Musical concerts are incomplete without a promotion team, agents, managers, stage crew, supporting musicians and technicians. Get the educational preparation you need to pursue your passion of creating or enabling music in today’s competitive business environment.

Alumni in the field


  • audio technician
  • visual technician
  • booking agent
  • talent agent
  • casting manager
  • musician
  • producer
  • concert promoter
  • entrepreneur
  • retail sales manager
  • entertainment attorney
  • business manager
  • consultant
  • contractor
  • broadcaster
  • music instrument makers
  • music publishers
  • music school instructors
  • talent and advertising agency specialists