An understanding of the past prepares us for the future. Our history students are given a solid foundation to influence society’s direction and focus. 

Past, present, future

History students take a look at the political, economic, military, and religious forces that have shaped society. This study of the past, attention to fact, detail, and the human condition prepares students to be shapers of society in the present day.

Be equipped

  • learn under a scholarly and well-informed faculty who are engaged in research
  • freedom to voice informed opinions in a collaborative, safe environment with small class sizes
  • personalized faculty advising which ensures that students have a developed plan and professional goals after graduation
  • a heightened perceptivity of the human scene
  • a profound knowledge of the world, cultures, forces leading up to the present, and forces which will contribute to the future
  • an understanding of one or more non-Western cultures and their development
  • develop analytical and writing skills


  • historic preservationist
  • museum guide
  • newspaper reporter
  • filmmaker
  • FBI agent
  • records manager
  • foreign service officer
  • intelligence analyst
  • media relations
  • grant writer
  • history professor
  • urban planner
  • Peace Corps
  • writer
  • editor
  • journalist
  • information manager
  • librarian
  • lawyer
  • consumer advocate

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