A Christ-centered institution.



Environmental Studies is essentially a study of relationships in context. And at Montreat, our context is Christ. Whether you’re interested in professional schools or field research, our programs can guide you on a path of intention and genuine success.


Choose a concentration.


Our pre-professional track offers a wide range of courses that prepare you for graduate studies in the health and science professions, including:

  • applied technology (environmental consulting)
  • biochemistry
  • ecological research
  • genetics
  • environmental science
  • medicine or medical research
  • nursing
  • ecophysiology
  • toxicology
  • veterinary science

Students in the pre-professional concentration are required to enter into a professional experience through an internship, cooperative, research arrangement, or employment. Environmental Studies faculty serve as mentors, and each project must be approved and debriefed with the faculty member for the completion of this requirement.

Field studies

This concentration prepares you to teach and conduct research in outdoor settings. We believe that one of the best ways to study the environment is to see it it firsthand, so you’ll experience a variety of rich ecological areas in field studies. Our core curriculum prepares you for further training or advanced academic study. Career paths may lead to:

  • environmental education
  • outdoor interpretation
  • ecological research

Special emphasis

If you want to design your own program of study based on an area of interest outside the core environmental studies curriculum, then this concentration is for you. Working with an environmental studies faculty member, you’ll select courses from other institutions or other departments at Montreat College that can be integrated into an environmental discipline. Examples might include:

  • pre-approved special emphasis programs with Au Sable Institute
    • Certified Naturalist
    • Certified Land Resources Analyst
    • Certified Water Resources Analyst
    • Certified Environmental Analyst
  • sustainable agriculture
  • watershed studies
  • environmental economics
  • wildlife science
  • fisheries science
  • geology
  • study abroad