A Christ-centered institution.



The world needs created works which inspire – as well as technical communication skills that inform. English students follow a variety of career paths that can range from exercising their scholarly influence to implementing their technical communication ability.

Using language to influence

Our English program prepares students for scholarly research, to communicate effectively, and to shape culture with written and verbal ideas. The sky is the limit in terms of careers with the foundation that an english degree provides. 

Be equipped

  • pursue concentrations such as literature, creative writing, and professional writing
  • an opportunity to take courses which provide an understanding of the world’s greatest written works in courses such as Shakespeare and Literature of the United States
  • learn from a scholarly faculty who are also authors, writers, and lovers of literature
  • biblical worldview is intertwined with scholarship
  • students have an option to take courses that will equip them in imaginative writing and professional writing
  • grasp literary masterpieces as well as the practical application of literary craft and technical writing skills
  • Students can choose to gain tutoring and editing experience by serving at the on-campus Writing Center
  • Students can develop their writing, editing, and design skills while serving on the Q Literary Magazine staff and also receive academic credit


  • claims examiner
  • journalist
  • screenwriter
  • television reporter
  • technical writer
  • book buyer/seller
  • teacher
  • consultant
  • information architect
  • advertising copy writer
  • grant writer
  • nonprofit administrator
  • personnel trainee
  • special events coordinator
  • museum curator
  • media analyst
  • marketing/sales manager
  • librarian
  • fundraiser
  • editor
  • writer
  • education director
  • copy writer
  • communications specialist
  • campaign manager
  • advertising account executive