We live in a technological age. We will help you get the education and training you need to use your computer “know-how” and make a lasting impact. 

Become a trained professional.

Be equipped

  • develop a deep understanding of computer technology 
  • attain skills for business administration 
  • gain real-world experience through internships
  • quantitative analysis preparation
  • collaborate with IT professionals and expert faculty 
  • hear from outside technology speakers 
  • solve and troubleshoot technological issues 
  • gain critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills 
  • develop an understanding of the computer information systems field from a Christian worldview
  • chief information officers 
  • chief technology officers 
  • IT directors 
  • IT date security
  • IT security manager 
  • databases manager 
  • information security/computer security analyst
  • computer operations manager 
  • network manager 
  • computer systems software engineer 
  • computer applications software engineer 
  • computer systems analyst 
  • database administrator 
  • computer security roles at Department of Defense, National Security Agency, FBI, with state and local police, or hospitals and financial institutions
  • data communication analyst 
  • system programmer 
  • penetration testing/intrusion analyst
  • operations research analyst 
  • IT consultant