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You’re good at bringing people together for a common goal. You value efficiency and like to plan for the long term. A major in Business Administration sounds like a perfect fit, and these concentrations help you develop specialized skills to take you further.


Choose a concentration.

International business

If you’re interested in leading global business initiatives, then you’ll find your place in our international business concentration. This focus explores the areas of:

  • finance
  • human resources
  • marketing

To take on an international business concentration, you must minor in a foreign language.

Business management

Our business management concentration gets you started in manufacturing and service companies. Faculty members bring extensive business experience to the classroom, combining the theoretical with the practical. Real-world business experiences include:

  • at least one internship in your field
  • on-campus learning with local business leaders
  • plant or facility visits


Our marketing concentration helps you develop your oral and written communication skills—and can lead to a career in:

  • advertising
  • sales
  • market research
  • retail
  • public relations
  • product management
  • nonprofit marketing

Courses move beyond the textbook by emphasizing interactive projects, and at least one internship is required in your field of interest.

Sports management

Our sports management concentration consists of three fundamental components:

  • business management
  • sports sciences
  • practical experiences

Business management is heavily emphasized—it’s the equivalent of a business major at many institutions. Exemplary intradepartmental cooperation and innovative curriculum help you develop expertise in business management with an orientation toward the world of sports.


Money magazine rated a career in information security as one of the top 50 jobs in America. And the demand is high. According to a report by the Center of Strategic and International Studies, there are about 1,000 security people in the U.S. who have the specialized security skills to operate effectively in cyberspace, but 10,000 to 30,000 are needed. This concentration prepares you for the job. You’ll be able to design, implement, and execute information security mechanisms. Our combination of expert faculty and faith-integrated learning will prepare you for a career in this important, emerging field.

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Special emphasis concentration

You can design a program of study focused on your interests, even when they’re outside your major. Our special emphasis concentration allows you to work with a faculty member to select courses from other institutions or departments at Montreat that can be integrated into your Business Administration program. Experiences may also qualify, including study abroad. The special emphasis must be approved by your academic advisor prior to completing 60 credit hours.