You may have plans for dental school. Or you may be looking toward a career as a botanist in Costa Rica. Our biology concentrations can meet you where you are and take you where you want to be—with a path that’s centered on Christ.


Choose a concentration.

Pre-professional concentration

Our pre-professional concentration offers a wide range of courses, all designed to prepare you for entrance into the following:

  • medical school
  • veterinary school
  • dental school
  • physical therapy programs
  • professional programs
  • graduate schools

Environmental biology concentration

Our environmental biology concentration offers a wide range of courses. You’ll be prepared for many different graduate schools, professional programs, and career paths in disciplines such as:

  • biology
  • ecology
  • botany

Special emphasis concentration

Our special emphasis curriculum is self-directed in consultation with your advisor. Your advisor and the Biology Review Committee must approve a formal proposal of emphasis requirements by the end of your sophomore year. You may fulfill the requirements of this concentration with approved credits from:

  • other institutions
  • study abroad programs
  • Au Sable Institute certificate programs
  • other certificate programs
  • courses in other departments at Montreat

Applied biochemical technology concentration

The applied biochemical technology concentration is a track which includes a customized investigation of technologies in Biology and Chemistry and is designed around the interests of the student. The track includes:

  • biotechnology research project
  • summer biotechnology certificate or specified training
  • a developmental process for the project & grant writing

IP for ABSN (Integrated Preparation for Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing) concentration

Our pre-nursing track is customized to provide entrance to an accelerated BSN program. 


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