A Christ-centered institution.



The Bible teaches us to be followers, servants, leaders, believers, and doers. Our program will prepare you for ministry and teach you to thrive in any career setting from the standpoint of a Christ-centered worldview.

Taking truth to culture

The Bible and Religion program offers an opportunity for students to consider how they want to impact culture and live a life of ministry. The program equips students with a deep understanding of the scriptures in addition to providing career preparation. 

Alumni in the field


  • senior pastor
  • youth pastor
  • hospice director
  • biblical scholar and author
  • newspaper journalist
  • nursing home director
  • professor
  • seminary administrator
  • church camp director
  • evangelist
  • grant writer
  • music minister
  • non-profit worker
  • youth counselor
  • missionary
  • chaplain
  • policy advocate
  • social worker
  • family/marriage counselor