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Bible and Religion

Our Bible and Religion program challenges students to extend their biblical perspective to all endeavors. It also supports them as they study and mature in their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.


A biblical worldview

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We provide a unique mentoring environment. Our faculty members are committed to exploring the relationship between faith and learning, as well as the relevance of the Christian faith for all disciplines of study. Our students ask big questions, grow spiritually, and mature in their critical-thinking skills. Our Bible and Religion program provides a rich liberal arts experience and a solid foundation for a wide range of occupations or further graduate studies. As a biblical studies student, you’ll be prepared to work with children, youth, and families in a variety of organizations both in the United States and in other cross-cultural contexts. In-depth concentrations are available in five areas.

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Be equipped

  • the biblical scholarship, cross-cultural studies, and ministerial studies concentrations prepare students with the use of the Greek New Testament
  • instruction and mentoring from a Reformational perspective
  • the Christian education or youth ministry concentrations prepare students with intensive off-campus, supervised practical experiences in the field
  • biblical studies preparation
  • perspectives on educational leadership
  • worldview studies
  • counseling
  • communication skills
  • an understanding of people of varying ages within a cultural context from the perspective of a reformational worldview
  • an exploration of the relationship between faith and learning
  • a consideration of the relevance of the Christian faith for all disciplines of study
  • a challenging faculty, who encourage students to wrestle with the spiritual and practical implications of the subject matter

Biblical scholarship

Get a solid foundation in theology and immerse yourself in the Bible.

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Christian education

Be prepared for work with various groups in a church environment.

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Cross-cultural studies

Enter into world missions or work in an international context.

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Ministerial studies

Pursue a seminary education with courses that cover all aspects of ministry.

Youth ministry

Learn to prepare and disciple youth as they grow in their faith.

Special emphasis

Design a program of study outside of the core curriculum of your major—earning credit for special experiences, like study abroad.

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