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The American Studies program provides a broad understanding of American society and connects students to the global influences which have shaped the United States. 

Study society.

The American Studies program is closely connected with the History program at Montreat College and seeks to expose students to the global influences that have transformed America, as well as provide an in-depth study of life in the United States – through the exploration of literature, social influences, economic development and more. A deep understanding of the United States, will prepare you to be an effective citizen and professional in your resident country or abroad. 

Be equipped

  • a profound understanding of American history, beliefs, and values which impact a broader global community
  • explore American literature, social institutions and economic development
  • small class sizes provide an ideal environment for sharing ideas and expressing and developing informed opinions
  • each class is taught by a research-oriented, personable faculty member
  • preparation for career fields such as history, law, ministry, criminology
  • course work is uniquely designed for those interested in using their education to pursue international ventures such as teaching English in foreign countries or working internationally


  • history professor or teacher
  • sociologist
  • lawyer
  • foreign professor of english
  • economist
  • foreign service officer
  • political scientist
  • politician
  • public policy specialist
  • historical society staff
  • historic site administrator
  • government agency administrator
  • cultural affairs specialist
  • FBI/CIA agent
  • market research analyst
  • journalist