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Quotes from the Search Committee

In March 2014, the Board of Trustees formed a presidential search committee comprised of 11 board, faculty, staff, student, and alumni representatives. Below are personal reflections about their recommendation of Dr. Paul Maurer for the presidency.

From the Search Committee

“The Presidential Search Committee was united and unanimous in the conviction that Paul Maurer brings the vision, mission fit, skill set, and experience to help Montreat College meet its challenges. I personally am delighted in his passion for Christian liberal arts education, his advocacy for strong academics, his belief in the strategic importance of the traditional, residential program, and his support for our adult, graduate, and online modalities.”

–Dr. Patrick Connelly, Associate Professor of History, Director of the Honors Program


“Dr. Maurer is transparent in his passion for Christian higher education and as our new president displays the qualities and characteristics to ‘fuel’ Montreat College into the competitive arena among institutions with like mission. Humility, trust, academic excellence and God-centeredness are the core values he brings with his visionary plan to carve the pathway to Montreat’s future success.”

–Dr. Polly C. Haigler, Trustee


“Dr. Paul Maurer brings proven leadership, team building, and fundraising to Montreat.  I believe that Paul will provide the type of guidance and passion needed at this time at the college.”

–Pastor George Logan, Trustee


“It is with great excitement that I look forward to having Dr. Paul Maurer as Montreat’s next president. I am confident in his abilities and moreover his character, which I believe have equipped him to lead us well.  I know he will care for our students and above all instill the Christ-centered mission in them, and everyone involved with Montreat, with the passion that characterizes his very nature.”

–Carlie Merson ’14, Bible & Religion Graduate


“It has been a blessing and honor to serve on the search committee for Montreat College’s next president.  In working with the other constituents of the college, we feel strongly that Dr. Maurer can be the president who, by God’s hand, will lead Montreat into a new future as a thriving beacon of Christ’s love in higher education.”

–Courtney Nash, Women’s Soccer Coach


“The search committee spent countless hours ensuring the presidential candidates met the criteria necessary to spearhead the institution and boldly move Montreat College forward in the next 100 years. I am thrilled with the selection of Paul Maurer. We know Dr. Maurer has the vision and leadership skills necessary to achieve the college’s collective goals.”

–Justin Ramb ’94, Trustee, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee


“We are thrilled with our candidate. He is Christ¹s servant, called to this new adventure with us, called to academic excellence, and called to lead us with full knowledge of the challenges and opportunities.”

–Suzanne Sloan, Trustee


“Dr. Maurer comes to us at a critical time in our history – on the cusp of celebrating our 100th anniversary. We are privileged to have such a seasoned, visionary higher education leader who cares deeply about our mission guide us into our second century as a Christ-centered institution.”

–Bernard H. Wright, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees