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We’re building leaders through wilderness experience. Our students aren’t just hiking—they’re busy facilitating workshops, fostering group development, and inviting personal transformation. All in the great outdoors.


Learning From Experience

Local students on a cave expedition.


CLIMBE, the Center for Learning and Investigation in Mountain Backcountry Ecosystems provided science adventure trips and served over 400 eighth–twelfth grade students during the summers 2006-2012. All of the program staff that facilitated the programs were faculty and students from the Outdoor Education Department. The program was funded through the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. CLIMBE offered a variety of fun, informative, science-oriented trips in the mountains of western North Carolina. These expeditionary programs focused on scientific exploration and discovery. Programs like CLIMBE provide an opportunity for Montreat students to work as instructors in the field, gaining valuable teaching experience with high school students in the outdoors.

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On the ropes, communication is a must.

The Team and Leadership Center

Montreat students have the unique opportunity to serve at the Team and Leadership Center (TLC). At the TLC, it’s all about group development. The facility centers on a ropes course, but not just any ropes course. It’s designed to challenge participants and groups physically, cognitively, emotionally, and cohesively. These challenges aid in overcoming obstacles to trust and communication, they foster leadership transformation, and they facilitate dynamic, team-oriented relationships. 

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Design your outdoor experience.


Montreat College’s premier outdoor program offers a unique and affordable opportunity for school and church groups to plan a tailor-made outdoor experience. Our expeditions often incorporate natural history, outdoor education, backpacking, camping, whitewater paddling, and/or climbing experiences, with a focus on encouraging team work and developing a spirit of servanthood.  Backcountry has been impacting lives for over 35 years.  

Montreat Outdoor Education students will have the opportunity to develop the skills and experience necessary to plan and lead Backcountry expeditions.

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Educate outside.

You have an inspired vision and lots of enthusiasm. Combine all that with a love for God’s creation, and you might just be a perfect fit for our Outdoor Education program.

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Share your faith.

So you’re interested in leading groups in the outdoors. Maybe you’d like to make that your ministry. Our Outdoor Ministry program can show you the way.

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