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A Christ-Centered Education

It’s our vision. To become a leader in Christ-centered higher education by promoting responsible growth, culture, and spiritual life. To equip agents of transformation, renewal, and reconciliation. And to enrich lives by engaging our community in service.


Mission, vision and objectives

Montreat is much more than a Christian college. We provide a broad, rigorous liberal arts curriculum for traditional and non-traditional undergraduate students. We also provide leading accelerated programs for adult students, including graduate and online degree programs. Our goal is to provide higher education that is high quality, relevant, and diverse—united by a single, clear focus. Our mission at Montreat College is strive to be Christ-centered, student-focused, and service-driven. Our vision is to become a leading provider of Christ-centered higher education, enriching lives through engagement in its communities and by promoting responsible growth, culture, and spiritual life.

We focus on the development of an informed, biblical worldview that includes the following objectives:

Students will acknowledge the sovereignty of God over all creation and knowledge, as demonstrated by:

  • A lifestyle of Christian service to others and the community
  • The recognition of the intrinsic worth of self and all persons
  • A genuine critical openness to the ideas and beliefs of others
  • The formation of values and ethical reasoning
  • An appreciation for what is beautiful, true, and good in the arts and literature
  • A respect for and attitude of stewardship toward the whole of creation
  • An understanding of the past and its interconnectedness with the present and future

Students will become reflective and responsible citizens, effective leaders, and committed laity, as demonstrated by:

  • effective written and oral communication skills
  • critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • essential computer information systems skills
  • competency in academic majors
  • development of interpersonal and team skills
  • understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses 

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