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April 15th, 2014

A Collaborative Effort

We had a wonderful turnout for the 6th annual Creative Writing Festival this past week. Students from ACA, McDowell, Haywood Christian, North Asheville, Anderson Christian, Owen High School, and private homeschools flocked to the Montreat campus for an afternoon of workshops, open-mic performances, and shared creativity.

Dr. Kimberly Angle, Montreat professor of English, and six-time director of the festival, compiled a poem from all the submissions we received from the festival participants. Check it out below!

CWF Community Poem  2014

Below the fire you breathe with every word
There is a child
Who left Keds outside the door
And dropped candy down under your tongue
With words stretched to the furthest page of the dictionary
Which now you can pronounce

Masks and costumes hide nothing
I always look inside to see your world
The stars above always gleaming
Continually dreaming
Of life beyond our small, blue orb
You said enough was never enough

He’s the perfect one for you
He’s tall
His laugh is adorable
That makes you smile
And with her you can’t be ever ever bored

This prism is a dividing faction
He sits among the ruins
With eyes like my mother’s in color, 
But they speak something different
Bright with magick and myth of a thousand civilizations
Calling out belligerent hypocrisies
It has been only a second
But this dead city is alive once more.

Her eyes tell a different story
The winning lottery ticket
that was dropped in the rain
She is running, running
She screams but the dirt fills her mouth.
In her name she hears
A river going everywhere except the sea,
A river wishing to be the wind.

Even when I can’t see them
Even when the cloud cover is a bit too much
Even when the new GPS systems are there to help
You remind me that the stars
Always know to stick around
And I want to buy glitter for dumping all over
Because you’re the snow I’ve seen all year
The sun shining, just now, through the window.


A special thank you to all our participants, as well as our wonderful workshop leaders and presenters! We hope to see you again next year for the Creative Writing Festival!