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March 27th, 2014

The Letter Box: Peggy

We love hearing from members of our Montreat family! Each one of our students, faculty and alumni have such wonderful stories and memories to share. This week, we received a letter from Peggy, a graduate of the class of 1946. She remembers her time here, and tells us a little bit about her own experience as a Montreat College student! Read an excerpt from her letter below:

…It is a beautiful place. I should say it was, and I believe it still is, perhaps even more so. I went there in 1944, because my parents were no longer in Maryland where I grew up, my father having become a chaplain in the Army Air Force; and my mother being with him. Montreat was recommended to me by missionary friends. So I entered as a high school junior. Back then, Montreat was a high school and junior college. I forget when it became a 4 year college…. I finished it, and then went to Erskine College in Due West, South Carolina. During Christmas vacation I traveled to Nitro, W. Virginia, to spend the time with my Aunt and cousins, and my sister, who came from Wooster College in Ohio. Upon my return the first year, I found that there had been a fire in Alba the big white dorm/dining hall. But as much as I recall, we could still eat there. Meals featured “stringy” beef – probably not grade A, turnip greens, black-eyed peas, corn bread, and butter milk. I don’t remember breakfast, except scrambled eggs and pancakes. There was always Jell-O, and big cookies. And cocoa. We all ate everything! Nobody complained.

Our day off was Monday. We would hike into Black Mountain, see a movie, do a little shopping, eat ice cream, candy, and Scooter Pies! We attended chapel service daily, plus a Sunday service. Visiting Day was Sunday, too. We went hiking up Lookout Mountain quite often, usually combined with a cook-out. We had a good sports program. Nobody “sat around” very much! I was quite happy. I lived in Fellowship Hall the first year; but I can’t remember the second year. My roommate in ’44-’45 was also named Peggy. We had a house mother, room inspection, study times, etc. all the typical dorm details. I enjoyed the fireplace in the lobby. We were in Assembly Inn for special programs, and I remember walking around the lake. The buildings on the campus at that time were: Anderson Auditorium, College Hall, Fellowship Hall, Gaither Hall, Assembly Inn, Lookout Lodge, Alba, and Infirmary… There was a piano in Anderson Auditorium where I practiced piano, not enough, and not too seriously! (I regret it).

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