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March 18th, 2014

Coming Home

All journeys begin and end somewhere; however, the part in-between the two is usually the most interesting. I currently find myself in the in-between, constantly being surprised by the twists and turns that I encounter. One of the most recent twists in my life story led me to none other than Montreat College, the community that I now call home.
My journey to Montreat began in another small town, one known as Elizabethton, TN. I am from a town where people sit in the Ingles parking lot for entertainment; where the most valuable contributions of the town seem to be the Mexican restaurants and town churches. Montreat is different, but is in many ways similar to my hometown. I’ve heard story after story of how people found Montreat, but mine was somewhat different than most… I didn’t find Montreat through Internet searches or familial connections; I found it through a friend. I never would have found Montreat under normal circumstances, but God carefully and intricately placed the circumstances so that I could find my way here. And here I am.
My name is Tyler Lee. I am a  freshman Communications major with a heart for writing. I also have a strong interest in Human Services, Bible, and English, but I am a true Communications major at heart. I have been blessed extravagantly over the last year, the greatest of my blessings being finding Montreat by chance. I first heard about the college after my best friend decided to go there. She had long-before known that the small, mountain community was a flawless fit for her, and after hearing her passionately describe its uniqueness and beauty, the place peaked my interest. After attending a Discovery Day, I was gripped by everything about Montreat. Yet even after my visit, I was uncertain about its fit for me. It wasn’t until I took a spontaneous visit, on a beautiful springtime day, that I truly fell in love with Montreat. The trees were fully in bloom and some of the students were outside studying; for whatever reason, it was then that I realized that it was where I needed to be. I chose Montreat College because I wanted a place where the professors care; where everyone is truly passionate about what they believe in and bear fruit as a result. I knew I had found a place that could fill my longing for spiritual growth while meeting my innate desire to serve. I knew Montreat was my home.
As a result of my decision, I am beginning to see God’s magnificent plan at work. I have been enveloped and embraced here as a part of this close-knit community. I could never imagine myself anywhere else. I could never see myself living anywhere else but my Howerton dorm, walking the halls and migrating through my different friends’ rooms, knowing that I have practically an entire dorm full of people that I can turn to for anything. If I had gone anywhere else, I never would have met these people. Nowhere else would have fostered and nurtured the hope that I now have. Nowhere else would have filled me up with the joy that I currently hold. I am a completely different person from when I came here. Montreat College eternally changes and transforms all who enter its gates. Enter in and see what God has done for this place. You too will be changed.