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July 26th, 2013

The Truman Show – Film Review

Remember The Truman Show (1998)?  Truman Burbank grew up from infancy to young adulthood as the unwitting central character in a reality TV show that attracted fans from all over the world.  And since Truman thought he was living a real life, the show was able to broadcast live 24/7.  The writer of Truman was Andrew Niccol.  

In 2002 Niccol reprised Truman with S1m0ne, meaning Simulation One, or simply Simone.  Niccol’s wife and mother of their two children Rachel Roberts played the role of a digital actress—who storms film awards and fandom, but does not exist in the everyday world.  When the director who created Simone tells fans she is fake, they won’t believe him.  

The two films’ commonality is the sharp satirical analysis of media fans—you, me, our students, and our families—just about everybody on planet earth who can see a TV or film.